Monday, December 19, 2011

Do I get along with my parents?

Funny you ask that the day after I heard my dad mutter (something) kids :P I say "something" because I didn't hear the first word, but I can imagine what it was. It's also funny that you ask this question when you have "bane" as a vocabulary word. It is REALLY awkward that one of the words is "wanton" ... I do hope no one uses that word in their blog response o.o I do get along with my parents for the most part. Did you know that my dad finds most of our vocabulary words vapid? He knows most of them already! My mom is another story. She hardly knows any of the words. If my parents and I had a shouting match like many households do, that would be an EXTREME aberration as I would never scream at my parents. Protest and argue? Yes, but not scream at them in a fury.

On a side note, this sentence will put you in a quandary:

If bananas are yellow and Bob is yellow, then Bob is a banana, and if Billy is yellow, then Billy is also a banana, and because Billy is also a bean, then Bob is a bean, and since Bob is also a lemon, then Billy is a lemon too, and because court overruled the fact that Bob was a banana, then Billy is also not a banana, and therefore, Billy was a former banana but still is is a yellow bean lemon.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gothic Liturature

1. Supernatural events:

This is shown in Wuthering Heights when Lockwood has the "dream" about Catherine's ghost grabbing him. It is not explained and just raises questions, especially because Heathcliff starts talking to the "imaginary" ghost. This adds to the mystery and may or may not be explained later in the story.

2. Setting in a "Castle"

The mansion is pretty similar to a castle.  It is secluded and large, holding many secrets, which also contributes to the mood of foreign mystery. Since Lockwood is an outsider, the story seems like you are removed from the story and yet in it, as you are in the same mansion. It's like it's playing around you, but you are not part of it, as the little world apart from society does not fit with Lockwood, or rather, he does not fit with it.

Monday, December 5, 2011

If I could be any animal, I would be...

...some sort of bird of prey owned by a very nice human. Why? Because I want to fly and not worry about being eaten by some hawk or something and maybe catch lunch in my afternoon flights. I'd want to be owned by a human because I'm so languid, so having someone provide food and shelter for me would make life so much easier and lazier. Plus, I wouldn't have to stress about surviving all the time. I wouldn't be some hapless eagle whose nest fell out of a tree or whose butt froze in the cold. I'd have a heater and air conditioning!