Friday, March 2, 2012

Macbeth's Curse

  • Where did this curse come from? 
    •  Shakespeare included a witches brew in his story, and the people who did witch-practice were not amused. They supposedly cursed the play so it is very unlucky and bad things happen to it. You're not supposed to say the plays name in a theater.
  • Which ones were the most shocking from the list of terrible things that happened during the performances of Macbeth?
    • "1937 -- Laurence Olivier took on the role of Macbeth. A 25 pound stage weight crashed within an inch of him, and his sword which broke onstage flew into the audience and hit a man who later suffered a heart attack. In addition, the director and the actress playing Lady Macduff were involved in a car accident on the way to the theatre, and the proprietor of the theatre died of a heart attack during the dress rehearsal."
    • I think it's one of the most shocking because it had a lot of deaths or near deaths in one production.
  • If you had to avoid the curse, which strategy would you use?
    • I'd say, "Thrice around the circle bound, Evil sink into the ground." This is because I don't swear and if it's not outside, I'd rather not spit.
  • Do you believe that there is a curse? 
    • No. This play just has higher risks of injury because of the swords. The people who watch it, at least in the olden days, would reasonably do as they did in reaction to the play or what the actors did. It's an old play, and as the years go by, unfortunate events are going to crop up. You could say that in our middle school, the mics cut out, so there's a curse on the play if other unfortunate things happened to other people doing the play, but it isn't a curse.

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