Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Common Tools: Vocabulary

Stephen King told us to never make our writing pieces "better" by adding fancy words, because it just makes the writing sound confusing. In his examples, the words were too fancy and even if they sounded intelligent, I felt like they were trying too hard. I thought that Kings's piece on vocabulary was really humorous, especially when he was talking about Johnny "pushing"... you know. All his comparisons were amusing, and that fun quality to it helps me remember it. I found I tend to find synonyms to words I am using, though that is usually when I start to repeat the word too much (hah I was going to say "often" after thinking "much," but then again, "often" isn't very complex), so perhaps I should stop doing that. I am guilty of right clicking and looking up synonyms on Word. But then again, then my essay would be really repetitive. I'll probably just not find complex words unless I've repeated it a bajillion time. I think this little excerpt will help my writing a lot because people could understand my writing better and I don't have to go stressing on sounding intelligent.

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